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The following are donations in memory of:

In Memory Of       Given By
Sandy Antonson         Walt & Jennifer Benko
Sandy Antonson         Greg & Lorrie Anderson
Hunter                       Wayne & Donna Johanson
Sandy Antonson         Cheslak
Bill Keller                   William & Margaret Carlson
Bill Keller                   Terry & Donna Churchill
Bill Keller                    Patricia Hanson
Mike Berglund             Lucille Johanson
Michael Berglund        Dale Lennartson
Ken Reynolds              Stephanie Orlowski
Marlene Hilton            Donna Larsen
Misha                          Jim & Maryann Kwapcik
April                            Donna Giesdorf-Thompson
Spaz                            Lisa Curtis
Georgi girl                   Bill & Mavis Keller
Jack Obeidzinski         Mary Kay & Gerald Thompson
Lawrence Hohensee     Mary Kay & Gerald Thompson
Harris Stillwell            Clayton & Mary Beck
Hilde Powers                Clayton & Mary Beck
Robin Lehto                 Diane & Jerry Cavanaugh
Marion D Raihala          Roxann Nelson
Sandy Antonson           Verna Puline
Sonny Alaspa               Debbie Larson
Lois Mcintire                Julie Ripley
Lois Mcintire                Pat Johnson
Lois Mcintire                Diane Frank
Margot Miller               Richard Miller
Edna Selleck                Tony & Tracey Hartung
Harris Stillwell             Krenzen
Harris Stillwell             Bruce & Judy Gianunzio
Harris Stillwell             Briggs Creek Townhome Assn
Harris Stillwell             Arlo Peterson
Harris Stillwell             Dick & Kathy Miller
Nemo                           Don Napier
Sandy Antonson           Mike Berthiaume
Sandy Antonson           Richard & Sharon Raisanen
Sandy Antonson           Ronald & Joyce Mattson
Sandy Antonson           Kurt & Susan Sundeen
Tipper, Galdoy, Wrigley    Kelly & Tom Anderson
Jasmine                        Ronald Bushman
Izzo & Minnie               Ann & Brian Haugen
Mike Berglund               Julie Johnson
Shadow                         Kevin & Mary Schroeder
Harris Stillwell             Marge Stillwell
Ester Wappes               Matthew Wappes
Harris Stillwell             Roberta Osborne
Maverick                       Jody & Michael Acers
Ron Edin                        Ken & Linda Holmstrand
Jane Kavenaugh            Teri Mattson
Bailey, Sparkey, Bear    Anne Gullion
Sam Kainu                     Jane & John Frydenlund
Sandy Antonson            Elwood & Emily Sundeen
Lois Mcintire                 Mary & Robert Beckrich
Harris Stillwell              Lori Peterson
Harris Stillwell              Dan & Kathleen Malkovich
Lois Mcintire                 Helen Medich
Jordan Lee Tucker        Jeffrey Tucker
Tammie Polley                Tammie & Jason Polley
Mike Berglund                Robert & Louwanna Johnson
Ron Johnson                   Northwoods Credits Union
Ron Johnson                   Atkins Funeral Home
Ron Johnson                   Burton & Claudette Shotley
Ron Johnson                   Joseph & Judith Bloom
William "Bill" Keller        Danny & Marilyn Kunze
William "Bill" Keller        Chuck & Shari Koenig
William "Bill" Keller        Mary Lou Anderson
William "Bill" Keller        Barbara Munic
William "Bill" Keller        Robert & Dawn Barto
William "Bill" Keller        Daniel Kurosky
Dave Back                      Brady Nelson
Joann Juntti                  Brady Nelson
Dan Sloan                       Brady Nelson
Pegasus                          Linda Jean Crumpton
Bailey                             Paula Young
Maggie                           Sherry & John Woblers
Dwayne Johnson             Richard & Liz Brenner
Sandy Antonson             Jim Nelson
Harris Stillwell              Jim Nelson
Judy Considine               Mormon & Tykie Eastman
Judy Considine               Judy & Steven Obeidzinski



Everyday the mission of Friends of Animals is completed with the help of donations from the public.

Friends of Animals is looking for "People Able and Willing" (P.A.W.) to organize and run fundraising events to support the shelter.
Do you have an idea for raising funds? Would you be Able and Willing to take yoiur idea and organize it into a fundraising event?

Did you know that 65% of the shelter's funds come from personal donations and fundraising events? We are NOT a county agency.
Our only income from municipalities comes from contracts to provide animal control and shelter for their stray animals.
What we receive from these municipalities is less than 25% of what it takes to run the shelter. We are constantly seeking new ways
to make ends meet. We know there are many animal lovers out there and that is why we need you to lend a helping P.A.W.
If you or your group are willing to run a fundraising event, contact Mary Nelson at or 218-391-6555.

These donations help to offset some of the financial burden that comes along with being a non-profit and caring for the orphaned, abandoned, and homeless animals that find their way our doors.






Friends of Animals Humane Society

"Until they all have a home..."

Adoption:  218-879-1655     Animal Control:  218-428-0379

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