Share your adoption success story!  

Share your adoption success story! 


Every year, we see hundreds of dogs and cats come and go through our doors. We step in as their temporary caregivers and get each animal ready for adoption.  We celebrate the adoption success stories and thank those who found room in their hearts and homes for one of our furry friends!

Click the banners below to read stories from people who found their family members at Friends of Animals.  And then share YOUR story!

 Thank you for adopting!






 If you adopted from Friends of Animals and would like to share your adoption success story, please email

Try to include at least 3 photos, one of which includes you/your family with the pet.

Some suggestions for things to include in your story if you're having trouble figuring out what to write:

How you chose your pet, their personality,

how well they adjusted to your home, how they're doing now,

and anything that you think other people may enjoy reading about!