Unfortunately, our dog area must be closed to the public due to illness.
Several of our dogs have symptoms of "kennel cough". This is not uncommon
for a crowded shelter with poor ventilation. As always, we are doing
everything possible for the health of our dogs. In order to protect the health
of public animals in the community, it will be necessary to isolate our dogs
until they are healthy. Please follow our web or facebook page for updates.
Thank you for your patience!



Current Shelter                                         New Shelter

A new home for the animals, our dream come true......
The only thing between the old and the new is YOUI!


Friends of Animals Humane Society has outgrown our worn out building.
The animal's physical and emotional well being is compromised because
we don't have the space, the ventilation, the facility.

Thank you for digging deep and donating. YOU can help make this happen.
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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" Anatole France

A tribute to KOBE
On Saturday, June 11, 2016, the world lost a best friend. A friend who survived an unimaginable tragedy just two years ealier after being caught in a trap that was never intended for a pet, a friend, a companion.

If you attended Friends of Animals Beasty Bash last Fall, you will remember Kobe. The blind, hearing impaired dog who survived the body grip trap after enduring weeks of medical and surgical care. The dog we dare not label as "disabled" because he WAS able. He was able to live, to love, to teach us all about true priorities. He was ABLE to do this because he was a great dog, and because he, too was loved. From the minute MIck Johnson, acting as Animal Contral Officer for FOA, reached out to Kobe, there was a connection. From Mick's first promise to "take care" of Kobe on that day he found him, to the weeks that followed while Kobe was recovering at the shelter, to the day Mick brought Kobe home, and the day he signed the adoption papers to make the connections official, there was a powerful and undebatable connection.

Kobe's mere presence on the stage of our Beasty Bash evoked donations for our Angel Fund to help other ill or injured animals beyond our expectations. But his presence in Mick's life had the strongest impact. The two were inseparable. Mick customized a van so Kobe could travel with him in safety. He modified his home, and even moved to a different home to better accommodate his buddy. Kobe put the twinkle in Mick's eye. Kobe turned Mick's empty house into a home filled with joy. Kobe knew the touch of Mick's hand and the beat of his heart.

Recently, Kobe stopped eating, he lost energy. Without delay, Mick took him to his veterinarian who ultimately determined Kobe had a viral infection. And without hesitation, Mick knew there was nothing within his power that he wouldn't do or give, or spend to help Kobe, to continue his commitment to "take care" of Kobe. And he did. He stayed by his side, he held him, and he nursed him and he hoped beyond hope for recovery. But it was not to be.

Kobe left this world better than he found it. Kobe became a representation of the ongoing legal battle to make trapping safer for dogs. He even made the journey to the State Capitol to do his part and worked alongside with "dog lovers 4 safe trapping." He inspired this community to give $20,000 to provide medical care for other animals. There was not a single employee or volunteer or board member at Friends of Animals that was not touched by Kobe - he will always remain a part of us.

For now, Mick's life is diminished. Mick will grieve, and someday, he will begin to heal. But he will never forget. the unconditional love, companionship, and joy that Kobe freely shared with Mick has become a permanent part of Mick's soul. Thank you, Kobe.


Friends of Animals would like to acknowledge and say farewell to a long time
friend and supporter. Judy Considine has been a part of our family for many, many
years. She volunteered her time, gave generously financially, and helped out in whatever was needed at the moment. Judy passed away on June 6, 2016, but her gentle and generous spirit lives on in the many animals that she has impacted.
Judy, we remember you, and we thank you!

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